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Warhammer Online reveals tidbits about 1.3.4

Eliot Lefebvre

After the storm of updates, changes, and news over the holidays, Warhammer Online has been pretty quiet lately. Under the circumstances, that might be a little more unsettling for the game's players. But the silence has at long last been broken, as community manager Andy Belford recently shared some information with the community about what can be expected when patch 1.3.4 arrives. And at least one of the announced features is something that should make a large number of players quite thankful -- the promise of weapons available via RvR gameplay instead of PvE.

Belford stresses that the weapons will be purchased via a currency system that works with the game's scenarios, rather than any existing medallions or crests. As a connected point, he mentioned that scenarios were due for some more evaluation, with the promise of re-evaluating or removing several of the less popular options. There are also changes planned in the way that the game handles capturing cities, clearly designed to make defending captured areas more of a tactical decision for players. The patch is intended to go live on the test server by the second week of February at the absolute latest, which should be good news for all Warhammer Online fans.

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