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Mustek MER-6T is another Twilight-loving touchscreen e-reader

Joanna Stern

Mustek isn't in the business of making out-there products, but maybe it's changing its tune by slapping the Twilight cover on its MER-6T e-reader. Just another 6-inch, e-ink reader sans a content ecosystem or wireless connectivity, we can only imagine that they want you to stab the MER-6T right in the SD card slot in a fit of vampire e-reader-hating rage. Ah, but then when the blood is slowly dripping off its .4-inch thick body and into its 3.5mm headphone jack, you to realize that it's got a touchscreen, built-in music player, and that it comes with a luring wrist strap all which make you want to ravish the device forever into the night. You sick bastards, Mustek. There's no pricing on the MER-6T, but the experience seems pretty priceless.

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