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Super Street Fighter IV dated April 27; Lost Planet 2 on May 18

Having pulled some of its heaviest hitters out of the busy Q1 release calendar, Capcom is ready to reassign those titles to an entirely new part of the calendar, one that hasn't been getting nearly as much attention as its numeric predecessor: Q2. Monster Hunter Tri was already announced for April, but now Super Street Fighter IV will join it on April 27th in North America and April 30th in Europe. New characters, new combos, and the return of the smash-a-car bonus stage (see pic!) are highlights of the not-yet-priced though sure-to-be affordable followup.

Lost Planet 2 is more "sequel" than Super Street Fighter IV-style expansion. The co-op focused third-person shooter offers "larger-than-life bosses" and four player co-op over Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, and you'll be able to take it up on that offer on May 18th in both North America and Europe. That leaves us some room in the June video game budget, if any publishers are looking to take advantage of the rest of Q2.

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