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The Robot is exactly what you think it is

Chris Ziegler

What's a generic name for an android? Yep, "robot" -- so it only stands to reason that a name like "The Robot" would befit the most boring, generic Android set imaginable to a T. Indeed, there isn't a single feature on The Robot that stands out -- apart from perhaps the vague Storm knockoff design -- thanks primarily to a resistive 2.8-inch QVGA display and a mere dual-band 900 / 1800 3G-free GSM radio (North Americans need not apply). In fact, we were just about to write off The Robot altogether until we noticed that its manufacturer is generously bundling "more than 25" apps in ROM -- and besides, you have to admit that it's got the bossest, most unapologetic silver Android logo you've ever seen right below the subpar display. That counts for something, right? Grab it now for $179 -- or if you want one for each pants pocket plus a spare, they're yours for just $170 and change.

[Thanks, Toni]

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