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Thomson PoMMeS IPTV tablet hits the FCC


A tablet with the name "pommes" turning up courtesy of the FCC a day before a certain, possibly tablet-related event? Yeah, it's not even close to what you think, but it is something: Thomson's new PoMMeS tablet. Somewhat uniquely, this device is apparently designed primarily for IPTV streaming, although you'll also get a front-mounted webcam for video calls, and at least some basic web browsing capabilities (it's still not clear what this thing runs on). Complete specs are also a bit light at the moment, but this one does apparently pack an 8-inch, 800 x 480 touchscreen display, and includes a dock that will also conveniently prop up the device for easy viewing. No indication of a price or release date, of course, but there's plenty more pictures (including a look inside) at the link below.

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