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A step towards peace: Master Mario Chief tattoo


The Console Wars™ have been raging since before some of us were even born. For a majority of gamers, this is all they know, but thankfully one man is stepping up to try and bring an end to this eternal conflict. In combining Halo's Master Chief and Nintendo's iconic mascot, Mario, he's created one super tattoo and blueprint for the future prosperity of all gaming peoples. This Master Mario Chief is able to squash Goombas at alarming speed and save not only the Mushroom Kingdom from despair, but all of humanity in the year 2553 -- he's a figure every console owner can love.

Frankly, we applaud this man's courage and dedication to acknowledge that there are good things on all consoles via this permanent tattoo. Instead of blindly trashing the opposition as inferior, he celebrates each console's merits. Except for anything on Sony platforms, though, because Sony totally sucks.

[Via Hawty McBloggy]

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