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Analysts: Gamers won't care about iPad


Now that the gaming public at large has had a chance to discuss Apple's iPad, it's for the analysts to weigh in. Speaking with IndustryGamers, prior to the iPad announcement, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter intimated that he didn't expect the tablet set the gaming world on fire. "It's going to have limited appeal to gamers, although some people will buy it obviously," said Pachter. He elaborated that the device could affect Nintendo's DS, though. In the end, however, Pachter expects the iPad to benefit the iPod Touch, thanks to a "cross-fertilization of games" between the platforms.

Meanwhile, EEDAR's Jesse Divnich, speaking after the iPad announcement, said that iPad games would likely have to cost $20 for publishers to "treat the iPad as a serious gaming device." Divnich noted to the low barrier of entry on the iPad / iPod as the sticking point, saying that big publishers have a hard time competing with indie developers that can sell games at rock-bottom prices.

He further elaborated that the competition on the App Store stifles big publisher profits, which in turn stifles innovation. "The lower the profit potential, the less resources and desires there are to push gaming standards ahead." Frankly, that point of view seems to neglect that many low-budget indie games do push gaming standards ahead, but that's another post altogether.

The point is, it looks like gamers may not be flocking to the iPad. Honestly, we could have told you that, as the above snippet from Joystiq's company chatroom demonstrates.

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