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Bayonetta PS3 patch adds hard drive installation option


Sega of Japan announced that it will release an update for the PS3 version of Bayonetta tomorrow, which adds an "Install" item to the game's main menu. The patch, first tentatively announced in November, is intended to cut down the long load times that have perturbed Bayonetta's PS3 players.

The update doesn't mean the PS3 game will have achieved total parity with the Xbox 360 version -- visual discrepancies, like frame rate issues, will still persist -- but at least Sega has now taken one step towards improving the experience on PS3. The Bayonetta update has only been confirmed for Japan, but its release just happens to fall on this Thursday, when the PlayStation Store updates worldwide, so we wouldn't be shocked to see it arrive everywhere tomorrow.
[Thanks, Copland]

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