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'Fallout Extreme' revealed as another nuked project


Fallout Extreme is another canceled Fallout project that has emerged from the wastes. Unearthed by Pawel "Ausir" Dembowski and posted on the Fallout Wikia, Extreme was a "squad-based first- and third-person" shooter for Xbox, under development at Interplay's 14 Degrees East (which co-developed Fallout Tactics). The game was in the concept phase for "several months" during 2000, but never really got rolling with a development team.

The premise of the game was players would control a squad in "The Cause," a group of revolutionaries in the Pacific Northwest. The game would follow The Cause as they defeat the local Brotherhood, cross the Bering Strait, and conclude with a showdown in China's Forbidden City. The premise sounds interesting, but, "Extreme?" Really? Might as well have just called it: Mountain Dew presents Michael Bay's Fallout.

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