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Super Street Fighter IV anime in the works, explains Juri's creepy eye


If you prefer Street Fighter in hand-drawn 2D instead of the look of Street Fighter IV, and if you prefer it to be ... completely non-interactive, well, Capcom has some exciting news. A Super Street Fighter IV anime project is in the works from the Gonzo animation company. The anime focuses on Juri (and her weird glowing eye), but also contains "great fighting action," "backstory goodness," and "plenty of Cammy and the Dolls," according to Capcom's Seth Killian.

How to see the anime is a bit of a mystery. Capcom is offering it to Xbox 360 buyers of Super Street Fighter IV as a bonus (possibly as some kind of download or through Xbox Live Marketplace), but that offer is for Japan only. The fact that a trailer is available on Xbox Live Marketplace in North America suggests that it will be available here in some form. We're checking with Capcom for details. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer above or through your Xbox.

Shortcut: Download the Super Street Fighter IV anime trailer

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