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The Classifieds: Buttering up the Panera Bread WoW Man


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Remember back during the holidays, when we had a nice cozy Breakfast Topic chat about the fellow who's been spotted schlepping his entire iMac to the local Panera Bread to play WoW? Sharp-eyed reader Paul discovered a followup article at Gizmodo, featuring five questions with the Panera Bread WoW Man. It's no headline news, but it's an interesting peek into how a fellow WoW player gets his fix.

Let's open up The Classifieds ...


  • Starting from scratch: <Whiz Bang> (US Staghelm-H), founded by two Vanilla/BC/Wrath vets, is leveling a new set of characters to 80 and invites aspiring raiders age 18+ to get in on the ground floor; a little further along are <Riders of Unholy> of EU Dragonblight-A, now recruiting all classes for a new raiding team.
  • Second 10-man team and building for 25-man: <Unabashed Noobery> on US Kilrogg-A is looking for DPS and healers; <BLITZ> (US Aman'Thul-A) is building from two 10-mans up to a 25-man team, recruiting all classes and roles.
  • 10-man: <Two Percent> (US Uldaman-H) is looking for mature raiders, especially healers, for its established team; <the massacre begins> of US Nesingwary-A is looking for more.
  • 25-man: <Internet Dunk Squad> is seeking ranged DPS and healers for progression raiding Friday through Sunday nights; <Chilling with my Gnomies> on US Maiev-H is looking for healers (shamans or druids preferred); new guild <Naked Singularity> of US Uldaman-A is building a hardcore team for applicants with minimum of iLevel 200+ gear.

  • <Two Percent> US Uldaman-H has pushed past Marrowgar, through Lady Deathwhisper and the Gunship Battle to stare Saurfang in his tusked visage. Nice work, guys!

Guild Rankings
World rankings as of Tuesday evening.
Community News
  • While doesn't encourage marathon gaming sessions (rested XP is more effective in real life, too), we do support charitable efforts. A trio of WoW players is supporting Child's Play (the charitable organization that brings games, books and cash to sick kids in children's hospitals across North America) with a nonstop, livestreamed WoW session planned for some time in February. Catch the deets, make a donation or lend a hand at
  • In behind-the-curtains silliness, we hear that the GM of <Helkpo> (EU The Venture Co-H) (who we also hear is the lead singer of London's smash hit Mumcuss) is singing for his supper -- err, for guild kills. Evidently, the 10-man strict guild was having a hard time with Anub'Arak one night recently, when Helkpo stepped in with music to soothe the savage beast. While we can't vouch for the musical excellence of this recording, we will say that it's certainly representative of impromptu guild morale-building at its best. Keep having fun, Helkpo!
  • Interested in helping get a documentary on raiding off the ground? The Raid, a film about raiding from Kevin Michael Johnson, is seeking financial supporters. Check out the project details at

  • Thanks to commenter Hooch, we have an update on MMA fighter Haydn Clasby (aka Croc of <Defiant Hearts>, US Bloodscalp-H), who is recovering from a spinal injury after a fight last month. Croc has regained a good portion of movement in his left arm and is making progress on the other side as well. Check out the latest YouTube update above for another upbeat bedside progress report.
  • <Alliance Funeral Company> of US Zangarmarsh-H is celebrating its three-year anniversary with open recruitment: "Fresh coffins are lined up and ready ... Will you be one of our newest dedicated undertakers?" Here's to another three years of undeath!
Random Acts of Uberness
  • Tantalüs, US Proudmoore-A "Tantalüs is the raid leader of a popular 25-man ICC pug I participated in last week. When the Ring of Rapid Ascent dropped on the Gunship encounter, he rolled on it and won. After a few moments of consideration, he decided that even though he could use the ring, it would be a bigger upgrade for me, the second-highest roller. He passed it along with no strings attached, and he even loaned me a gem to put in it so it could be used during the run. He may yell at people for standing in the wrong spot, but I know his secret: HE IS A BIG CUDDLY TEDDY BEAR OF A MAN WHO LOVES ALL OF GOD'S CREATURES. Even those who don't inoculate their teammates. ("Skull go to ranged")
  • Galm, US Windrunner-A "For running a heroic Gundrak in 16 minutes with under 30k health -- way to prove the naysayers wrong!" (Anonymous)

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