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The Daily Grind: Have a favorite roleplaying moment?


Recently on the Grind, we asked about your favorite in-game moments. Some of you gave us some really awesome moments, others laughed it off, and others gave us... well... moments. Yes... we'll just refer to them as moments...

Anyway, bad eye-gouging memories aside and on to the topic at hand, today we have another question along those lines for all of you roleplayers out there: What's your favorite roleplaying moment? Many RPers seem to have that one story-arc or character, or great scene that sticks in their minds. It's a story that comes out when you ask what's your favorite moment in a game.

Today, we want to hear more of those moments, but specifically of the RP variety. Toss them out into the comment box below, as we can't wait to read them!

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