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The games we want on iPad

Justin McElroy

Sorry Steve, but we're not necessarily interested in playing first-person shooters like N.O.V.A. on your newly-revealed iPad. That doesn't mean we can't see the gaming possibilities though. Don't get us wrong, we're excited to see that most of our iPhone games will work, but we think that's only the start of the story.

Real time strategy: The interface just isn't big enough for detailed troop management on the iPhone, but the iPad's larger display could be the perfect thing for trying to keep up with a hectic battlefield while managing resources. A beefier processor means the game won't be held up by too many orcs/soldiers/space cars on screen. The apps we want: Command and Conquer, StarCraft 2.

Board games: It's obviously a great size for classics like chess and checkers, but we could see playing a hell of a game of Risk that we could either pass around the room or play against friends online. OK, we were kidding about the friends part. Good luck trying to get people over to your house to "pass the giant iPod Touch around." The apps we want: Risk, Pandemic, Othello.

Most iPhone games with a virtual d-pad: Think of it, if you can move the buttons on your favorite d-pad controlled iPhone game, you may never have to wish for invisible thumbs again. Well, you might still wish for invisible thumbs but only so you can freak out neighborhood children. The apps we want (and are thankfully already out): Pac-Man Championship Edition, Wolfenstein RPG.

That one on the iPhone where it looks like you're drinking a beer: Dude: Giant beer.

Adventure games: We know some of these have been making their way to the iPhone, but pointing and clicking your way through adventure classics just seems like a natural with the iPad's larger screen (not to mention the reduction on iStrain as you read those piles of text). More and more of these gems are being remade with high resolution graphics -- we think it's high time to start enjoying them on a screen that does them justice. The apps we want: Everything Telltale's ever done, Quest For Glory.

The games that run like crud on your iPhone: After all, you've already paid for them, shouldn't you be able to play them without a bunch of chugging and stuttering? Note: This doesn't really apply to those of you rocking a 3GS, though we'll see how well your phone continues to stack up when devs also have the juiced up iPad in mind for their apps.

Popcap: Sorry guys, but there's probably nothing to be done about this one. They're going to make games, and those games are going to be a lot of fun. You're not going to be able to stop playing it. Plants Vs. Zombies is going to be fun on the iPhone and it's going to be several percentages funner on the iPad. Sorry. The apps we don't necessarily want but will be powerless to avoid: Peggle, Bejeweled, Plants Vs. Zombies.

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