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ESRB: After Burner Climax is a go for US and Europe

Justin McElroy

We have mixed feelings about utilizing the ESRB as a source for upcoming US releases. On the one hand, we're thankful that their rating practically assures that Sega's After Burner Climax will be coming to the US on Xbox Live and PSN (it was previously only announced for Japan). On the other, they always manage to make games sound so boring, and this is a game that includes both the words "Burner" and "Climax" in its title. Here, see it in action if you don't believe us.

Listen to this: "Most of the jets-even the missiles/gunfire-appear somewhat fantastical." And yes, those italics are theirs. The only cool word in the whole thing is "fantastical" and even that's softened by a "somewhat." But don't worry, ESRB, we've taken the liberty of awesoming-up your listing.

[Update: Just because MrXile asked: Yes, it's coming to Europe.]

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