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iPhone It In: Crush the Castle

Justin McElroy

We talk about a wide variety of iPhone games in this feature, but we're increasingly in support of games like Canabalt which require just a single touch to play. Call us lazy, but one-thumb tapping seems to be the exact amount of interaction we need on our phones, and Crush the Castle, our latest iPhone addiction, delivers on just that.

You play as a sentient trebuchet attacking an increasingly intricate and fortified series of castles filled to the brim with royalty and their servants. With a single touch, you'll start the firing arc, with a second tap to choose the exact moment to release your (increasingly potent) ammunition. The fewer shots it takes you to bring down the castle, the greater the reward, in the form of bronze, silver and gold medals.

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It's a simple mechanic, but it's hard to deny that's it's satisfying. Besides the thrill of tearing buildings apart, the little animations and screams from the royalty as their home is destroyed are just adorable. (And wow, how sociopathic did that last sentence make us sound?) Besides, hidden within that simplicity is pretty impressive physics system, meaning that taking some buildings apart may be trickier than you think.

There's not a whole lot more to it than that, so rather than try to iPad this out with extra words, we'll give you the links to either buy it straight out or take a few test shots with the "Lite" version. Have fun storming the castle!

Crush the Castle (Armor Games, $1.99):
Crush the Castle
Crush the Castle Free (Armor Games, Free):
Crush the Castle Free

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