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Koei throwing a gigantic Samurai Festival


Koei has decided that assembling giant crowds of fictionalized historical armies isn't enough! The publisher is now turning its attention toward assembling giant crowds of real people with its Sengoku Bushou Matsuri (Warring States Commander Festival), to be held March 6-7 in Saitama, Japan. The event is intended to celebrate not only samurai culture, but (of course) Koei's own recent Wii release, Samurai Warriors 3.

The event is packed with Japanese celebrities, including singer and suspected vampire Gackt, and the entire Samurai Warriors 3 voice cast will attend. We believe all the attending celebrities will be participating in some kind of war drama. Which means that if you want to see TV stars pantomiming samurai warfare in outrageous, game-inspired costumes, this is probably where you want to go. Here's the really crazy part: Koei expects 80,000 to attend.

[Via GameGrep; thanks, Peter]

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