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MvixUSA's Ultio goes Pro, gets PVRified

Tim Stevens

While MvixUSA's Ultio was a worthy successor to the earlier MvixPVR in most regards, it lacked one crucial feature: video recording. That's back in the new Ultio Pro, which delivers all the plethora of media support as before (MKV, h.264, DivX, Xvid, Quicktime, FLV, etc.), adding the ability to record content -- though sadly only standard definition stuff via a set of old faithful red/white/yellow composite inputs. Once connected to your LAN via Ethernet or optional 802.11n adapter it can also act as a Torrent client, downloading to a (likewise optional) 2TB hard drive, and all that video is beamed back at ya over component, composite, or HDMI outputs, pictured below. The Pro starts at $169, the same as the Ultio, but if you want one with 2TB of storage it'll set you back a rather more dear $348.

MvixUSA's Ultio goes Pro, gets PVRified

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