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Projectiondesign's Remote Light Source projector puts the lamp in a cool, faraway place


If you're gonna dedicate your life and livelihood to projectors, you'd better be able to deliver something beyond the same old, same old. That said, Projectiondesign -- who's offered up devices for "harsh environments" and 3D in the past -- has clearly outdone itself with the FR12 Remote Light Source (RLS) projector. This bad boy places the lamp and cooling fan in a rack-mounted enclosure, which you can then put someplace safely out of the way (and easily accessible). The light source is then free to be mounted on the ceiling somewhere, where it's fed images via 30m liquid light guide (similar to a fiber optic cable, but, you know, with liquid). No longer will you have to grab a ladder when it comes time to change a bulb! No word yet on price or availability, but you can expect to get all that at the big reveal during ISE 2010 this February.

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