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RIM briefly confesses that BlackBerry Tour 9650 is on the way

Chris Ziegler

We've got no shortage of evidence that there's an updated version of the Tour on the way, but we're dealing with pretty ironclad proof now that RIM itself has made mention of the so-called 9650 -- albeit briefly. A message posted on RIM's official Facebook account read "The BlackBerry Tour 9650 is coming! Check back for official news!" only to get pulled mere hours later, but the damage has been done -- it's definitely on the way, not to say we'd really doubted it before anyhow. Major features over the original Tour should be an optical pad (in place of that old-school trackball) and the addition of WiFi, making it very likely a solid upgrade for owners of nearly any CDMA BlackBerry. Alright, Storm2 owners, we'll cut you some slack -- but the rest of you, seriously, stay tuned.

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