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The Daily Grind: Tokens or luck?


Back in the old days of MMO playing you had to hope that something dropped for you when a boss tipped over and gave up his precious loot. It was all about the luck of the draw -- praying that the rare items, first of all, dropped and then, second of all, were for you.

But, as we continued forwards with our game design, Blizzard came up with the idea of giving every player involved in downing a boss a token. If a player participated enough, they were guaranteed to get something -- even if the luck of the draw was not on their side. This became a controversial topic for some, as accusations of "welfare epics" began to fly around.

Today, Grinders, we're going to briefly revisit this topic. Do you prefer games that come down to the luck of the draw when loot drops, or do you prefer the new token system instated by World of Warcraft? Talk, discuss, and feel free to battle it out. Opinions, go!

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