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Wisconsin jail outlaws Dungeons & Dragons


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And here we thought Wisconsin couldn't get any more depressing. Kevin T. Singer, an inmate at Wisconsin's Waupun prison, has been upset with a policy enacted in 2004 that banned all Dungeons & Dragons in the jail. Officials there cited the game promotes gang behavior and subsequently confiscated all of Singer's D&D materials.

Singer's long been a fan of the pen-and-paper game and tried to appeal the policy, but the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals filed in favor of the prison on Monday, stating that its policy wasn't unreasonable. Singer argued that the ruling is a violation of his First Ammendment rights, but we guess he failed to gain respect for his cause when he signed his appeal with his elvish mage's name: Gilchall Helehuialagos.

[Via G4]

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