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Michael Sacco

After looking through the absolutely staggering number of applications for our new lore columnist position, we were able to narrow it down to just a few very, very good applications. Then we had to go through the painful process of narrowing those down further to find the best one.

And find the best one we did. Though it was a tough choice, we're proud to announce that we've hired Anne Stickney as our new lore columnist.

You might know Anne as Shade, writer of the popular lore blog Shades of Grey. With her encyclopedic knowledge of the Warcraft universe, her light-hearted style, and her intent of making lore accessible to anyone who cares to read about it, she was the perfect choice.

Anne will be providing all kinds of lore-based content to, whether it's new Know Your Lore columns alongside Matthew Rossi, keeping our older lore columns up to date, or brand-new speculation based on upcoming content. You'll start seeing these in a few weeks, once she joins our raid and helps us take down the ultimate foe -- paperwork.

Also, please remember that we are looking for a resto shaman columnist -- you can find out more information on our applications page.

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