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Alienware's 'Phantom' concept became M11x, cranks through Left 4 Dead 2 on video

Darren Murph

It's turning out to be quite the day for Alienware, eh? First we see that the M15x and M17x are finally up for order (with their swank Core i7s within), and now we've got the first public video of the M11x doing its thang. If you'll recall, we only had enough time at CES to snap a few quick pictures, but now that the starting-at-$799 ultraportable (or "netbook," if you must) is said to be "coming soon," it seems that parent company Dell is feeling pretty good about showing it off. An employee recently had the chance to sit down with what was originally coined the Phantom (full story awaits you in the Source link), and even though it can be hidden behind a standard sized magazine, this diminutive monster is still potent enough to cruise through Left 4 Dead 2 with nary a hiccup. Don't believe us? Check the video for yourself after the break.

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