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Dead to Rights Retribution pre-order campaigns detailed


Were you sitting there reading Joystiq, thinking about how much you want to pre-order upcoming reboot Dead to Rights: Retribution? Namco has announced the pre-order campaign for the third game in two years to offer up a fighting dog, but here's the catch: There are separate pre-order bonuses should you choose to go with GameStop versus Amazon. We know, we know, but life is tough.

GameStop customers will get their hands on the "Jack Pack," which includes "Grant City Anti-Crime armor" for the game's main character and a "guns-blazing action mode," which apparently turns your regular ol' bullets into exploding bullets. Madness! The folks who drop their bucks early at Amazon are granted the "Shadow Pack," which turns the aforementioned dog into a stealth ninja dog with camouflage and also adds a "noir mode" to the game, said to flip the black-and-white switch (in addition to making the blood a more intense red). Now do you have enough reasons to go out and pre-order it? Do ya?

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