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Found Footage: Pee-Wee plays with an iPad! MekalekahiPad!


I love Pee-Wee. Big Top. Big Adventure. The Playhouse. There is nothing the man (or, to be precise, the character created by actor Paul Reubens) does that he does not elevate to a fine art. And today, Pee-Wee meets the iPad. In this Found Footage from, Pee-Wee provides his usual impish insight on Apple's latest device. And, as always, the humor is aimed squarely at an adult (not child) audience. If PeeWee's not your thing, well, just scroll on down to the next post. But if you heart Pee-Wee the way that we do, you'll get a kick out of this clever iPad review.

Full Disclosure: It's a fake iPad, but the real Pee-Wee!
Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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