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Green Man Gaming exec explains how digital trade-ins work


Ever since Green Man Gaming announced its plans for digital trade-ins last week, we've been scratching our heads and spinning the ol' think meat trying to understand how it's gonna work. Lucky for us then that got a couple of execs from the company to break down how it all functions in a recent interview. Allegedly, the folks at GMG have figured out an algorithm for calculating a game's worth at any given time based on a handful of (unnamed) criteria.

"We sit in the middle as a market maker and we always offer a price on the game ... we always allow people to sell it back to us," says CEO Paul Sulyok. As previously announced, the company will offer a percentage of revenue from each re-sold game to publishers -- something the company expects to get prospective partners signed up with the quickness. Suylok even puts a percentage to it, estimating that publishers will see a "194 percent" jump in "additional revenue per SKU" (in Humanspeak, that means for each individual game). Us? We're just happy to finally get some money back for that drunken purchase of Daikatana.

[Via BigDownload]

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