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SlingPlayer Mobile 2.0 for WinMo gets finger-friendly

Chris Ziegler

Sling has given the Windows Mobile community a little love this week with the release of SlingPlayer Mobile 2.0, blessing it with a totally redesigned "sleek and intuitive" interface and a handful of new features that bring it to parity with its counterparts on other platforms. First off, the UI's been reworked to make styli a thing of the past -- everything should now be usable with a finger -- and they've added multiple viewing modes for widescreen and zoomed content. You've also got support for Sling Accounts, an improved guide and DVR control, and fully-blessed streaming over both 3G and WiFi on any network. Anything running WinMo 6 or up with a touchscreen should theoretically work and it's a free upgrade from 1.6 -- only catch is that you need a Slingbox Solo, Pro, or Pro HD to use it (older models are being blocked, an annoying habit that we've seen with other recent SlingPlayer releases). It's available for download now.

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