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Star Trek Online head start begins

Adam Holisky

The Star Trek Online head start program has begun, allowing all those who pre-ordered STO access to the game before it officially launches next Tuesday, February 2nd. The servers should be up and running just as they will be during the full release, although don't be surprised if there are some problems along the way, just like there are in any newly released MMORPG. Cryptic has been working hard to increase their server stability since the start of the beta, and people are hopeful that things will be more or less smooth sailing warping.

With the beginning of the head start, it's also important to note that all characters in the beta have been deleted. This is par for the course with MMORPG betas, and Crpytic was diligent in keeping everyone informed of this -- so hopefully no one is surprised that their beta toon doesn't exist anymore.

Massively staff has been hard at work preparing guides and other information for you. Everything is available to look at via our new Star Trek Online page. Stay tuned to Massively as the head start progresses and moves into the full release next Tuesday.

Update: From the error page on the STO forums at 2:10 p.m. EST: "Some players may experience difficulties logging into Star Trek Online Right now, we are aware of this issue and working on a resolution."

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