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TUAW's headed to Big Nerd Ranch!


I'm writing this at the Minneapolis airport, waiting to board a plane to head for Atlanta. You see, back in 2009 we got a call from Big Nerd Ranch asking if we could send a blogger for a week, have him take part in the computer programming classes they offer there and report back on the 'developer boot camp' experience for our readers.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity -- I'm headed for the iPhone programming course now -- but I want to let our readers know up front that this week is on Big Nerd Ranch's dime. When TUAW receives a review unit or license, we return it or give it away to the readers after the review is finished. I can't return this one, though, and I can't give it away, as much as I'd love to.

There will be a standard disclaimer on the posts to follow that will reiterate the facts. On a personal level, however, I'd like to let you know that in the interest of as much objectivity as possible under the circumstances, I'll be letting the ranch speak for itself. I'll be doing interviews, shooting video and writing posts that focus on the content and the experience, rather than the quality of the courses or the advantages/drawbacks of the BNR approach versus other iPhone development training options. We report, you decide, right?

I'll be sitting down for interviews with Aaron Hillegass (Cocoa instructor, CEO of BNR and author of Cocoa Programming for OS X), as well as other instructors, staff members and hopefully some classmates. You'll get a look inside (and outside) the facility, and a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. I'm looking forward to the experience, and I hope you all can benefit by coming along for the ride.

For more detail on TUAW's policies with regard to disclosure and conflict of interest, please see here.

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