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Virgin goes underwater with Necker Nymph aero submarine


Cor blimey! Sir Richard Branson sure is ambitious. Just when you thought conquering the final frontier was all that the Virgin empire was fixated upon, today it announces a new product for its Limited Edition retreats on Planet Earth -- the Necker Nymph aero submarine. As the 'aero' part implies, the vehicle relies on "downward 'lift' on the wings" to counteract its positive buoyancy during its two-hour dives, which probably means it can't remain stationary underwater while you grab nearby weeds or whatnot in those open cockpits. Still, given the chance, we suspect any mere mortal would be up for a spin if beached on Necker Island -- 'course, coming up with the $25,000 per week lease rate may prove to be an insurmountable task.

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