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Infographic: Cost/benefit analysis of the entry-level iPad and six other ereaders


In the tradition of the Billshrink infographics, Darren Beckett has thrown together this nice little infographic comparing the entry-level iPad's cost and functions to other popular e-readers like the Amazon Kindle DX and the Fusion Garage Joo Joo. While the iPad ties as the most expensive on the list, I think it's fairly obvious if you need anything more than a simple e-reader, the iPad offers the most bang for your buck.

As a guy who's just written his first novel and a long-time bookaholic, I've have always said I'll never go with any kind of e-reader. I love the feel of a book in my hands. Paper books are romantic in a way electronic books could never be. Plus, you just look really educated when you've got scores of them lining your shelves ;) Also, when I go to the beach, I'm not worried at all about leaving my book when I go for a swim. If my $500 e-reader got lifted, that would be another story.

That being said, the iPad is starting to look appealing as an e-reader based on the videos I've seen (love those page-flips), but what's more is the iPad has also gotten me interested in the Kindle (which I'm hoping to find a friend with one so I can do an iPad/Kindle e-reader-function-only review).

Before the iPad, I couldn't imagine not having hundreds of books lining my shelves. And now... well, I might need to find other things to fill those shelves with. But what say you guys and gals? If you've thought about getting an e-reader, would you consider going with an iPad now, since it offers a lot more functionality for not much more money?

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