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Inmarsat's new phone trialed en route to June launch, definitely won't be mistaken for a RAZR

Chris Ziegler

If you live your life one oil rig, one Siberian gas field, or one Antarctic base at a time, odds are you're precisely the target demographic for Inmarsat's new handset being rolled out later this year. Oddly, despite the company's decades-long history of providing satellite phone service, the IsatPhone Pro is apparently the first model "purpose-built for its network" with awesome features like Bluetooth, text messaging, email support, and GPS capability that can be injected into outgoing text messages (you know, for when you finally strike oil somewhere in the Mariana Trench). Anyhow, the company has announced that the first calls have now been successfully made using the handset on the way to retail availability this June -- but if you have to ask for a price (either for the phone or a per-minute rate), odds are it's not for you.

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