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Mega Man 4, SNES Advance Wars on Virtual Console in February


February's Japanese Virtual Console lineup is exceptionally small -- four games in all -- but all four games are high-quality. In advance of Mega Man 10, Capcom offers Mega Man 4, which, while one of the weaker games in the series, is still a real Mega Man game and thus pretty good. A never-localized (and probably still not to be localized) SNES Advance Wars game will be available sometime in the month, and MSX versions of the familiar Contra and the delightful scrolling puzzle game Quarth.

Of course, we've seen zero of these MSX games outside of Japan. Oh, we just made ourselves sad.


  • Rockman 4
Super Famicom:
  • Super Famicom Wars
  • Quarth (Feb. 2)
  • Contra (Feb. 2)

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