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Amazon: 'Per Nintendo, we will no longer be offering Metroid Prime Trilogy'


Nintendo continues to drag its feet on an official response about Metroid Prime Trilogy's retail status, though online retailer Amazon tells Joystiq that the game has been discontinued. According to a representative from the online retailer: "Per Nintendo, we will no longer be offering Metroid Prime Trilogy at this time." Requests for comment from other retailers were not returned.

The fate of Metroid Prime Trilogy has been shrouded in confusing statements and PR jujitsu for almost a month now. Nintendo refuses to acknowledge it ever made the statement that the game was "no longer being shipped." Nintendo PR told Joystiq, in part (full statement after the break), "Copies of [Metroid Prime Trilogy] are currently available at major retailers nationwide." When pressured, the company representative stated that it is still "clarifying this matter" -- a process which has taken more than two weeks at the time of writing.

Nintendo's statement:

"Nintendo's Metroid Prime: Trilogy is the ultimate collector's edition experience for fans of the Metroid Prime series, combining all three critically acclaimed games on one disc with Wii motion controls. Copies of the game are currently available at major retailers nationwide. The next highly anticipated offering in the Metroid franchise is Metroid: Other M, which will be available this year."

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