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Bada getting 'latest version of TouchWiz,' first model a lock for MWC

Chris Ziegler

The screen shots we've seen of Bada so far don't really remind us of the TouchWiz we know and love (or hate) today, but a new blog post on Samsung's official Bada site says that the platform will definitely be hooked up with "the latest version of TouchWiz" with "chic touch interaction and components to increase its simplicity and ease of use." What's unclear is whether this'll be a ground-up rethinking of Sammy's classic full-touch user experience or just a grafting of its latest production version onto Bada -- but the good news is that we'll find out soon enough, because the company goes on to say that we'll be seeing "the new Bada smartphone at MWC this month." We'll admit, we don't know how we feel yet about the use of "Bada" and "smartphone" in the same sentence -- but we'll know plenty more in a couple of weeks.

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