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Cryptic would 'love' to get Star Trek Online to consoles


Sure, we'd like a lot of things, too. Could we get a butterscotch waterfall in the backyard and maybe tiny, invisible robo-men with jetpacks to do the dishes for us every night? Or, better yet, could we get a better explanation for Champions Online's hold-up besides the "blame Microsoft" you said six months ago? But, we digress.

Cryptic's Craig Zinkievich told CVG that a console port of the com-pooter MMO is something the company is "definitely" interested in. "We would love to get STO to the console. At launch it will just be available for the PC but here at Cryptic we want our games across multiple platforms," he said.

However, before you break out your good Starfleet duds and crank the jamz up to eleven in celebration, know that should Cryptic pursue a console port, it likely wouldn't be available for quite some time.
Zinkievich puts it this way: "But we'll have to see how Star Trek does and then secondly we want to do it justice and not hurry something along just to get it on the console."

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