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Deanmark's AirMouse looks more like a ragged glove, less like an input peripheral

Darren Murph

Controller-type devices baked into wearables have been around since the late 17th century (though we can't seem to recall one in particular that was made before Nintendo's Power Glove), but frankly, we haven't seen a whole lot of innovation in this department over the past few years. Deanmark's AirMouse is hoping to change all of that, but if we didn't know any better, we'd say Microsoft kind of called this concept first. Anywho, the strap-on mouse -- which doesn't seem to boast any sort of price or release date -- attaches on one's wrist and fingers in order to place sensors on areas where you'd normally mouse. Naturally, the company claims that this approach helps fend of repetitive stress injuries and also enables a new level of multitasking, but until doctors start gluing these things to our hands at birth, we get the feeling that most folks will simply stick to what they know when it comes to cursor pushing.

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