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Dell E6510 / Margaux strolls through the FCC (Update: E6410 too)

Vlad Savov

Recall, if you will, Dell's aluminum-clad E6500: a mobile workhorse that some rank as highly, if not higher than Lenovo's venerable ThinkPad line (albeit with one slight hiccup in its service history). Well, the company has quite rightly decided that it's time to freshen things up with a new model, so let us all say a big howareya to the E6510. Code-named Margaux and bearing the product code PP30LA, this machine's journey through the FCC reveals Compal as its manufacturer, Intel and Windows as the major hardware and software providers (no surprises there), and a seemingly unaltered touchpad from the previous generation. The battery label seems to indicate a cool 6,700mAh of juice, while connectivity is taken care of with WiFi, WWAN and a UWB/Bluetooth combo card, with the latter two likely being optional extras. All in all, it's looking like a competent new outing from Dell, now let's just jack that Core i5 in there and start selling these babies.

Update: The E6410, aka Rothschild, aka PP27LA, has also slinked its way through the American certification committee, though it appears to bear a smaller maximum battery capacity of 4,600 mAh and no UWB option when compared to its larger-screened brother. Skip past the break for a visual of its internal arrangement.

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