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WoW Moviewatch: Life of a Vendor


Life of a Vendor is one the most subtle, beautiful WoW movies I've seen this year. The music video is set to I don't know by Lisa Hannigan. The video's author is Galenmereth. (At least, as far as I can tell: if someone knows differently, please drop me a line.)

The movie is focused on the vendors in Azeroth, Northrend, and abroad. To quote Galenmereth, "this is a video dedicated to all the vendors who usually only get our coin and not our love." Even ignoring the subject of the video's dedication, Life of a Vendor is shot with a careful, artistic eye. Its stop-motion method is relatively unexplored as a WoW movie technique, and the style serves wonderfully when shot over the shoulder of so many NPCs.

The song is obviously a treat. I enjoyed Lisa Hannigan's work and will probably check out other music by her. If it's as good as I don't know, it will quickly take up residence in my iTunes.

Overall, Life of a Vendor was a great video. Nice job, Galenmereth.

Edit: As pointed out, "time lapse" is probably a better way to describe this technique. Mea culpa.

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