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Pyxis OS demo video sports high production values despite DIY Arduino hardware

Tim Stevens

We're absolutely loving what all the cool kids are doing with Arduino hardware -- the robots, the instruments, the fashion -- but when it comes to getting stuff done, well, let's just say we're not giving up our smartphones yet. A new project from Skewworks could change that, an Ardiuno-based operating system called Pyxis. It provides a UI for launching applications, easy access to microSD storage, and graphics routines that make creation of apps and games much more simple. If you want to code in anything other than assembly you'll need to pay up for the professional edition of Pyxis Studio, but we're thinking you can scrounge up the $10 to make that happen. There's a quality video demonstration after the break, but we'd recommend turning down those speakers before clicking through -- unless you're really ready to rock out.

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