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The WoW Player's Guide to Star Trek Online


Our sister site Massively has been producing some great content the last few months on Cryptic Studios' latest MMORPG - Star Trek Online. The game puts the player 30 years after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, pitting Federation against the Klingons, and everyone against the Borg. The universe is on the brink of a massive war, and your job is to trek amongst the stars carrying out missions and battling the enemy at ever turn.

The SciFi MMO is a great opportunity for players who are burnt out on WoW or are looking for a distraction from the daily/weekly WoW grind. In order to help all of you WoW player's out there, we've penned The WoW Player's Guide to Star Trek Online, which gives you the basic concepts of the game as they related to WoW.

There's also a ton of other content over at Massively about the game. All of which is listed in Massively's Star Trek Online page.

But for those of you looking to jump right in and (if I may be so corney) set your phasers to fun, head over there and read the WoW Player's Guide. You and your tribble shan't be disappointed.

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