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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: meet Joe Conway


More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer.

It's Tuesday at Big Nerd Ranch, and we're deep into writing simple apps for our iPhones. Once Mark Fenoglio had finished teaching us some fundamentals of C and Objective-C, Joe Conway took over as instructor to lead us through actually creating iPhone apps. He'll be finishing out the course with us. Right now, we're studying CoreLocation, and creating maps on which we can find locations and add annotations. Things are starting to get interesting, and we're really starting to apply the knowledge to our own projects. The lab should be busy tonight!

In the video after the break, you'll get a chance to "meet" Joe. I think the interview captured his Daniel Tosh mannerisms and humor pretty well (see the outtakes after the outtro). You'll see Joe at least one more time before the week is over. There will be some videos posted after the course, as we're actually in the middle of nowhere and the upstream connection isn't conducive to shipping large quantities of video to YouTube. That will be changing in the future, more on that when we talk to Aaron Hillegass.

Continue reading for the video!

In order to give our readers the first-hand account of what it's like to experience developer boot camp, Big Nerd Ranch has permitted Brett to attend complimentary classes and has provided transportation/lodging assistance. Other than those considerations, no sponsorship or advertising relationship exists between BNR and TUAW. This series is not an endorsement of BNR's programs or teaching methodology.

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