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VZ Navigator 5.0 gets social with Facebook integration

Chris Ziegler

At $2.99 for 24 hours or $9.99 a month, the latest version of Verizon's branded navigation service carriers over the same antiquated business model that seems destined for the scrap heap -- but for what it's worth, VZ Navigator 5.0 is now in full effect with a handful of new and freshened features. Most notable are a speech-to-text search mode for WinMo and BlackBerry versions of the service, crowdsourced traffic information (not unlike Google's strategy, though with decidedly fewer users on board), and Facebook integration that allows you to post location updates straight to your account. To start, only the BlackBerry Curve 8530, LG enV Touch, HTC Touch Pro2, and Samsung Omnia are getting the upgrade, but more devices will move to 5.0 "in the coming weeks." Droid users, meanwhile, continue enjoying Google Maps Navigation at no charge whatsoever.

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