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Dev resume hints at Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIV

According to a purported Square Enix employee résumé, Final Fantasy XIV could follow the multiplatform trajectory of its older MMO sibling, Final Fantasy XI. Before being removed mere hours ago (following the proliferation of the apparent reveal within), the supposed LinkedIn profile of lighting designer Yuuki Akama referenced work on Final Fantasy XIV for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Only the PC and PS3 platforms have been officially confirmed for the company's upcoming online RPG.

While a "Yuuki Akama" has been credited with previous Square Enix work, specifically, lighting work for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, we can't currently confirm whether or not the pulled profile was authentic. We've contacted Square Enix for an explanation as to why the Akama profile was pulled (and not simply "adjusted") and for comment on the possible Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIV.

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