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Sony 'actively thinking about' charging for PSN, not offering more Blu-ray game downloads


In an extensive interview with IGN, Sony senior VP of Marketing Peter Dille notes that it's been the company's philosophy not to charge for PSN, but calls the possibility "something that [Sony's] actively thinking about." The company has no announcement to offer while it tries to figure out "the best way to approach" any potential changes.

Dille also mentions that the company will stick with ad agency Deutch and keep using Kevin Butler as pitchman for its new PS3 ad campaign, which is slowly (very slowly) erasing our memories of the crying demon baby. Less likely to make repeat appearances are full, downloadable version of PS3 Blu-ray games (think: Burnout Paradise). Dille notes, quite politically, "We're also working very hard to make sure we do [full downloads] thoughtfully so that retail has a part to participate in the ecosystem with us. But, the notion of getting all your games digitally, I just don't see it happening."

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