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WoW Moviewatch: Altaholic


EmberIsolte's last movie, Ninja Raiders, was certainly a hit. She's now following up with Altaholic, which is a parody of Katy Perry's Hot 'n Cold. The video and lyrics were created by Gack and Eidni, while EmberIsolte performed the vocals.

The video for this song is pretty fun, with a heavy mix of machinima techniques and gameplay footage. The lyrics for this piece do a great job fitting the music, without any of the "forced" feeling which many parodies suffer. The vocals sounded a little funny to me, but that sometimes happen when checking out a movie through YouTube. However, EmberIsolte does a pretty good job of nailing Perry's voice technique from the original song.

It's nice to see Draenei surfacing as strong machinima characters. While that's not a direct commentary on movies like this, I think the choice of main character helps separate Altaholic from many of the other WoW parody pieces. Getting some variety in machinima is always a bonus.

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