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Do you, MacBook Pro, take this Hermione to be your lawfully wedded wife?


We're not sure about the authenticity of this video or if this is truly love at first iSight, but Macenstein featured the story about this young British woman, 24 year-old Hermione Way, who unofficially married her MacBook Pro "Alex" on January 31st.

Yes, that's correct. Unofficially married, because the U.K. (and probably every other country on the planet) refuses to recognize the legality of human / computer marriages. Hermione, who just happens to be the bloggess behind, would love to change all that. Her video blog entry shows both Hermione and Alex, a fascinating treatise on human / computer relations, and even has her Mum saying that she "...just wants Hermione to be happy." There's even talk of children in the future; the flesh and blood type, not little iPads running around.

Whether you're a romantic at heart who would love to marry your computer -- and let's face it, we spend more time conversing with them than we do many of our human relations -- or if you think this is just a prank, the video is worth a watch.

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