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Leica M7 Hermes unboxed, photographed, then promptly re-boxed

Ross Miller

So what's it like to be one of 200 people in the world to own the $12,950 Leica M7 Hermes? Quite good, as it turns out. Vlad Dusil (that's his name, so you know where to direct your envy) of Purse Blog is among the chosen few, but he has blessed us with a quick photoshoot and a cursory impressions piece of the hardware itself. He isn't gonna use it, mind you, as it's an investment piece -- in his words, "This camera will remain in its cozy silk-lined box until I get a worthy cabinet to display it in for a while, then it will go back to rest in its dark box." Can't be sure we wouldn't do the same thing, though, if we had the kind of disposable income that'd afford a $13,000 device. Hit up the source link for pics.

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