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New Hori arcade sticks are large


Hori has finally revealed details about the mysterious giant arcade stick it had on display at Tokyo Game Show. The Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX series will be released in Japan this March in Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, for ¥30,000 ($330) -- a price that ensures that it's for fighting game nerds only.

But what do said nerds get for their money, besides obvious proof that they've spent a lot? An enormous controller patterned after the control panel in Taito's Vewlix arcade cabinet -- the cabinet used for Street Fighter IV machines. It comes equipped with arcade-standard Sanwa buttons and joystick, and features a flip-up panel for wiring access and extra button storage (in case you want to remove some to create an authentic button layout for a particular game).

Importer Play-Asia will carry both versions of the VLX, but currently has no pricing information. Expect to pay a lot for shipping, on account of the bigness.

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