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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo might be forthcoming


The prospect of racing against the Bonanza Bros. as a forklift-driving Ryo Hazuki likely has many Sega fans on the precipice of purchasing Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. However, those of us whose common sense has yet to be short-circuited by fan service would prefer to try out the game in order to determine whether the actual racing is worthwhile. And according to a Digital Spy interview with producer Steve Lycett, we may get to do that.

"We're currently looking at downloadable demos for 360 and PS3, and a DS demo via the Nintendo Channel to boot," Lycett said.

He also responded positively to the idea of Sumo Digital developing a Shenmue sequel -- you know, because having a game with a Ryo Hazuki character model in it is basically halfway there. "I'm sure if Sega asked, we'd love to take it on," Lycett said. "It'd scare me to death to take on something so epic, but well, I'd like to think we could do it justice. I think if you cut us in half at this point, you'd find Sega written through the middle of us!"

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